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AmerCare® Anchor Vinyl Disposal - Med, Powder Free

AmerCare® Anchor Vinyl Disposal - Med, Powder Free

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AmerCare® Anchor Vinyl Disposal - Large, Powder Free

100% latex free. Approved for food use. Comes in powdered with U.S.P. absorbable cornstarch and powder-free. Designed for non-medical applications. 4.1 mils.

Manufacturers Item #2299L

Clorox® Urine Remover - 32 oz.

Breaks urine down to quickly remove stains and eliminate, not mask, odors. Specially formulated for hard-to-clean porous and soft surfaces.

Manufacturers Item #31036

Empress™ Medium Weight Polypropylene Cutlery - Teaspoon

White, medium weight polypropylene cutlery is flexible enough to safely resist breaking, yet strong enough to use with a variety of meals. Economically bulk packaged with 1000 per case.

Manufacturers Item #E175002

Empress™ Standard Foil - 18 x 500

Manufacturers Item #E30815

Vision High Density Liner - 30 x 37, 10 mic, Natural

Available in various sizes, mils and colors.

Manufacturers Item #0700458CS

West Chester SBP Light Blue Non Skid Shoe Cover - One Size

Standard weight spunbound polypropylene shoe covers offer lightweight protection against dry particulates. Used to keep dirt off or on the shoe. Non skid surface on bottom of sole to reduce slipping. Roomy construction to fit most shoe sizes.

Manufacturers Item #3518BNS

Simple Earth Hardwound Towel - 8" x 800', Natural

Manufacturers Item #S1286

Harmony® Pro 2 Ply Bathroom Tissue - 4.4" x 3"

High-quality virgin bath tissue couple softness and value, giving you the perfect balance of performance and price. Unique embossing and the latest paper technology produce a soft, touchable feel that consumers desire.

Manufacturers Item #374

Pure Bright™ Disinfectant Bleach - Gal.

5.25% sodium hypochlorite solution.

Manufacturers Item #PUREBRIGHT6