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Tank & Canister Vacuum


CleanMax™ Jet Detail Vacuum Cleaner

Offers maximum portability, giving you the freedom to move up, down and all around to grab dust and dirt from any surface. Motor: 8 amp; CFM average: 92.2; Waterlift: 107". Cord: 35' SJT commercial grade. On/off switch: on body; Weight: 6.5 lbs.  ea

Manufacturers Item #CM-JET
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NaceCare™ PSP200 ProSave Canister Vacuum w/AH1 Kit

84% soil recovery. Excellent 0.3 micron filtration at 99.97% efficiency for improved indoor air quality. Tapered hose is convenient and provides improved performance. Easy to use cord wrap system allows the power cord to be stored neatly without tangles. Plug cable system allows anyone to change a power cord. 680 watt vacuum motor with a 2000+ hour life. CRI approved and LEED-EB compliant. 5 year motor warranty. Motor provides 100" waterlift and 120 CFM airflow. Vacuum tank: 2.5 Gal.; Vac motor: 680W, 0.9 HP, 1-stage. Hose: 8.5'; Power cord: 33'. Standard filter: Tritex + HEPAFLO.  ea

Manufacturers Item #900778
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