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Floor Strippers


Harvard Red Hot Stripper - Gal.

55% active stripper. The fastest working finish liquefier and active speed stripper that easily cuts through multi-layers of burnished floor finish. Low foaming makes pickup easy.  4/cs

Manufacturers Item #365004
Add to Cart $23.13/GAL

Buckeye® Juggernaut® Floor Finish Stripper - Gal.

Powerful floor stripping formulation for removing heavily burnished finishes and sealers.

Manufacturers Item #5028-1000
Add to Cart $31.13/GAL

Vision Super Strip Floor Stripper - Gal.

A special combination of ingredients that will remove al acrylic floor finishes in minutes. Mop it on and in just minutes mop it off.  4/cs

Manufacturers Item #10076300GL
Add to Cart $16.89/GAL