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AmerCare® Anchor Vinyl Disposable Gloves

100% latex free. Approved for food use. Comes in powdered with U.S.P. absorbable cornstarch and powder-free. Designed for non-medical applications. 4.1 mils.

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AmerCare® Sensi-Flex Synthetic PVC Exam - Small

100% Latex Free. Powder Free. Eliminates allergies associated with latex proteins and powder. High elasticity and tensile strength. Advanced polyvinyl chloride formulation. 6.5 mils.  10/100/cs

Manufacturers Item #500-1
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HOSPECO® ProWorks® Stretch Vinyl Power Free Gloves

Latex free. Not for medical use. 4 mil. Non-sterile. Ambidextrous. Single use only. Soft like latex. Has better tensile strength than regular clear vinyl gloves, better stretch. Opaque cream color, similar to latex.

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