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Floor Machines


Pacific® FM-20HD Single Speed Floor Machine - 20"

First-ever "safe start" indicator, start up without worry of the unit "taking off" on the operator. Convenient and instant handle adjustment from the operator position, no hard knobs or awkward levers! Safety interlock triggers with an additional upright lock-out, unit operates only when the operator is ready! Rugged, long-life construction with 10-year base warranty. Unique and rugged wrap around cord clamp and flare strain relief. One of the most versatile tools you can put in your clean and prep programs. Purpose Built® for almost any facility to perform. Motor: 1.5 hp, 66FR, AC; Gear box: Triple planetary. Brush/pad speed: 175 rpm; Equipped with pad driver: Yes. Voltage: 115V; Amps: 15; Power cord: 50', 14/3 STO.  ea

Manufacturers Item #535411
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NaceCare™ NA20DS Floor Machine - 20"

Dual speed floor machine, 175 / 300 RPM with a 20" cleaning path. Weighs 108 lbs for those heavy stripping jobs. 1.5 Hp, DC Rectified brush motor. Shampoo tank available. Heavy duty steel construction.  ea

Manufacturers Item #8025240
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NaceCare™ DP420 Duplex Hydrowasher - 14"

The Duplex DP420 is an extremely effective carpet cleaning machine. 1,000 W, 1.3 Hp brush motor.  ea

Manufacturers Item #8025112
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