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Liquid Disinfectants / Sanitizers


Comet® Disinfecting Cleaner w/Bleach RTU 3-40 - Gal.

A unique 2-in-1 all-purpose formula combines the cleaning power of heavy-duty detergents with the stain removal power of bleach. A hospital use disinfectant. Refill w/spray bottle.  3/cs

Manufacturers Item #24651
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Diversey™ Virex® Tb Disinfectant RTU Cleaner - 32 oz.

A ready-to-use, quaternary-based disinfectant that provides excellent cleaning and deodorizing in one step. Disinfects in three minutes. Lemon scent.  12/cs

Manufacturers Item #4743
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Pine-Sol® Multi-Surface CloroxPro™ Cleaner - 144 oz., Original Pine

Cleans, disinfects and kills 99% of germs. Penetrates and removes messes on most hard nonporous surface indoors or outdoors including appliances, outdoor furniture and more. Can be diluted to deliver 72 gallons of product for heavy cleaning and light touch ups.  3/cs

Manufacturers Item #35418
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Buckeye® Sanicare Lemon Quat™ Disinfectant Cleaner-Gal

Designed for use in health care, veterinary, life science and industrial settings at 2 oz. per gallon of water. Kills canine parvovirus & other listed animal viruses. Lemon fragrance. 1-64 dilution. EPA registered. AIDS claim.(SOLD LOCALLY ONLY) 4/cs

Manufacturers Item #5076-1000
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P&G Spic & Span® 3-N-1 Disinfecting Cleaner - Gal.

All-Purpose spray and glass cleaner. Powerful 3-in-1 formula disinfects, cuts grease, and cleans glass. Saves time by cleaning surfaces only once. Ready-to-use. Refill with spray bottle.  3/cs

Manufacturers Item #31241
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